Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hollowland by Amanda Hocking

Hey Everyone! I hope every body's Holidays went well! Santa decided to surprise me with a Nook Color on Christmas morning. This thing is amazing! Not only can I read books, I can go on the Internet, listen to music, etc! And I still haven't explored all the apps yet! So, since Barnes and Nobles is amazing, their ebook prices are pretty cheap. They even have PupIt! Books, which are new emerging author's books. Those books are usually $0.99- $2.99. I decided to buy one because it looked interesting and I'm kind of obsessed with zombie books right now.

Hollowland by Amanda Hocking is about 19 year old Remy King, who is trying to get across the wasteland that was once called America to find her younger brother, Max. Zombies have taken over, but that's not going to stop Remy.
Usually, really tough girl characters annoy me, but Remy was a bad ass with a heart, even though she tries to hide her feelings sometimes. I also loved some of the other characters too. Harlow is a feisty young teen who follows Remy along her journey. Despite a zombie apocalypse, she always finds a way to put together a great outfit. As much as Harlow might annoy Remy, Remy would kill a hundred zombies for her and she does! Along the journey to find Max, they meet up with a pre-zombie world Rock Star, Lazlo and a doctor in training, Blue. But the best and most random character in the book has to be Ripley, a zombie eating lioness who befriends Remy and the gang. She's the most loyal lion ever!

I really got caught up in the story, so much that I started to ignore people who were trying to get my attention. You know I like a book when I have people talking around me and the TV going and I still have all my attention in the story.

Even if you don't like Zombie books, believe me you will like this book!